LINQ Rescue Kit For Heineken Cambodia

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SMCS SAFETY has supplied a LINQ Rescue Kit and accessories to Heineken Cambodia.

As the exclusive distributor for LINQ Height Safety in Cambodia, SMCS has been liaising with many of its clients to promote height safety and rescue in workplaces.

Heineken Cambodia is one of Cambodia’s leading beverage manufacturing companies and a leader in workplace safety.

“It’s very important for industry in Cambodia to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Having quality products and equipment on site, that meet the highest safety standards, and training staff in how to safely use these products and equipment is imperative.” said Mitch May, CEO of SMCS RISK.

The LINQ Rescue kit will give staff at Heineken who are responsible for conducting rescues in the event of an emergency, quality equipment to effectively rescue people at heights or in confined spaces.

SMCS will provide Rescue At Heights Training for staff at Heineken in the near future.

“This is the first LINQ Rescue Kit that SMCS has sold in Cambodia but we have several of our clients interested in the products and we expect more LINQ products to be purchased and used in Cambodia in the future.” Mitch May said.

For more information about SMCS SAFETY’s LINQ products or or training programs please contact SMCS.