Ronsta Knives Dual Action Safety Knife With Ceramic Blade




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  • The KD001C is a dual action safety knife with ceramic blade that allows the blade to retract once pressure is released from the blade, even if the trigger remains in the forward position.
  • This smart technology is designed to reduce hand, arm, and leg injuries in your workplace.
  • The quick and easy blade change means less downtime and no tools required.
  • Ceramic blade, lasts around 10 x longer than metal blades.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • Long-lasting metal housing.
  • Automatic retraction, even when thumb remains on trigger.
  • Anti-slip rubber handle.
  • APPLICATIONS: Cardboard, Film/Tape, Rubber, Strapping
  • REPLACEMENT BLADES: KB001-100, KB001-10, KB009-10.
  • Qty/Pack 6.
  • Qty/Carton 72