Our clothing might seem like the lowest tech thing on your job site, but it takes a world of cutting edge design and technology to make clothing that works for you. WORKIT Workwear was originated by hard working people whose life experiences were all about Safety. With their desire to bring a product into the PPE Clothing market which was functional and affordable, WORKIT Workwear was born. Everything we do is based on our end-users. Our role is to find solutions that simplify and improve for them and to inspire them and our whole industry to become better, more productive and user-focused. Together WORKIT has started this journey from the beginning and is looking forward to building a brand that represents the needs and desires of the Australian worker


Nothing on the Job makes you more comfortable than wearing quality WORKIT clothing. Workit’s functionality quality and comfort will keep you safe in the toughest Australian conditions. Workit provides you with the answer no matter the job, our clothes will work for you.


WORKIT Workwear’s range is all built to Australian Standards.  With a strong Quality Assurance program, Workit is built to last no matter what conditions you face


Clothing for all your needs. Whatever the job and conditions, WORKIT has a range to suit your needs. Whether you need to stay cool, warm or dry, we’ve got you covered with quality fabrics and designs.


Safety is our Mantra. WORKIT Workwear garments are tested to the highest Australian Standards so you can be sure that you are protected when you need it most.