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Ansell Chooses SMCS SAFETY Cambodia

Ansell Chooses SMCS SAFETY Cambodia

Ansell has chosen SMCS SAFETY as their preferred partner in Cambodia.

The partnership allows SMCS SAFETY’s Cambodia operations to represent and distribute Ansell’s products along with the products of three of its subsidiary companies, BioClean, Ringers Gloves and Microgard

With a growing product portfolio, SMCS SAFETY can provide a one stop solution for individuals and companies in Cambodia who are looking to improve safety in their home and workplace.

“We are really happy to secure this partnership. Not only does it provide SMCS SAFETY with a larger range of protection products but more importantly it strengthens our position as the leading safety products company in Cambodia.

With offices and manufacturing plants across 55 countries, Ansell is known as a global leader in protection solutions.

The impressive list of reputable companies that SMCS SAFETY partners with include Pro Choice Safety, Linq Height Safety, Pratt Safety Solutions, Thortz Hydration and Foamtech.

For more information about this new partnership or to have an SMCS SAFETY Products & Services Specialist attend your workplace, please contact us.


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