Shopping Securely With SMCS Safety

SMCS Safety is very serious about protecting your personal information and that of our customers. Our online system ensures that security measures have been implemented to not only provide a secure shopping experience, but to meet high industry standards.

Any time SMCS Safety requests personal details, such as address or payment details, your browser session will be within a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection. The most important thing to look for to ensure your session is protected is the padlock icon in the browser window frame (not on the page itself). This indicates that the site is secure. Never put personal or credit card details into a site with an unlocked (broken) padlock icon. If the padlock appears unlocked, then the site is not secure.

When entering personal or payment details, also double check that the website URL starts with ‘https’ rather than only ‘http’; as the ‘s’ stands for secure and indicates that the site is safe. If you are in doubt, please call SMCS Safety’s customer service on 0451 448 661.

Secure Credit Card Payments

The SMCS Safety website is uses the Stripe payment gateway – a global leader in payment technology. Stripe is tier-one PCI DSS compliant, as externally audited by Stratsec (QSA), ensuring the highest security standards set by Visa and MasterCard which is the highest level of compliance available and is the same levels of data security of the biggest banks in the world.

The PCI DSS is a set of rules created by the PCI Security Standards Council, which consists of the biggest players in the payment card industry, in order to facilitate the adoption of a consistent set of standards for the processing, handling and storing of sensitive credit card information.