SMCS SAFETY Cambodia Submits Products Tender

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SMCS SAFETY Cambodia submitted a tender yesterday, to supply safety equipment, fire response equipment, PPE and marine safety products to a large company involved in natural resource mining in Cambodia.

The tender, valued at over $350,000 usd, will supply a range of products to the company initially, and provide ongoing product support in the future.

SMCS SAFETY, being the leading workplace safety and PPE product & equipment supplier in Cambodia, is well placed to supply safety products in such large quantities. Not only does SMCS SAFETY have a large range of product partners, but they can provide safety advice and specialist training across a wide range of sectors.

“The tender was a lot of work but I think SMCS SAFETY has to be in the box seat to be awarded the contract, not only because of our experience in safety but because we are the only company in Cambodia who can supply many of the specialist products required by this client.” said Mitch May, CEO of SMCS SAFETY Cambodia.

The products required will be supplied by a number of SMCS SAFETY’s partners including but not limited to Pro Choice Safety, Pratt Safety Systems, LINQ Height Safety, Honeywell Safety and Lazilas.

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