Ronsta Knives Manual Retractable Utility Knife




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  • The Ronsta Utility Knife is hard working and long lasting.
  • With a heavy-duty metal construction, this utility knife offers a retractable blade along with three positions depending on how much blade is required.
  • A built-in compartment within the handle allows for storage of replacement blades. The handle design makes any general task easy and is a great all-round knife for most cutting applications.
  • Japanese SK-5 Steel, long lasting.
  • Three blade positions.
  • Form-fitting handle for ease of work.
  • Zinc-alloy body.
  • Can accommodate most utility blades.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • APPLICATIONS: General Cutting, Film, Leather, Cardboard, Film, Plastic
  • REPLACEMENT BLADES: KB001-100, KB001-10, KB009-10.
  • Qty/Pack 12.
  • Qty/Carton 96